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Bon Voyage! Thoughts on the Eve of our Departure

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Tom and I are making our final preparations before leaving for South America. It may sound like a simple task to pack a suitcase and get to the airport in time, but somehow this time is different. I never thought it would be so different, but the idea that we’re not planning to return to this place we call home ever again is a feeling that’s hard to explain.

We’ve traveled extensively. For two years before our final move to Arizona we traveled the United States constantly. We chose a place we wanted to visit and set off for adventure. But each time we were returning to our home base. True, we were planning to move, but at no time did we simply not have a home.

After our move was complete and before we settled down to life in Arizona we traveled more. Four months around the world is a long time to be away from home. To tell you the truth, that was a difficult trip. While we thoroughly enjoyed the experiences as we traveled, in the back of our minds was always the thought that we had a new home to return to and a new life to begin.

Tom by the pool

Tom relaxes by the pool on the Golden Princess

Not so this time. This time when we leave, it’s on a one-way ticket. We’re thrilled to be embarking on this adventure, but once in a while it surfaces in our minds that we’re just not planning to come back home this time.

Take out the trash and shut off the lights
Keep in touch
Pack light
Remain calm
Don’t wait too long

Update: This little note was written in the final moments before our departure on the Golden Princess, a one-way trip to South America. Looking back over the past few weeks I see that all of the feelings we had that day will eventually fade into distant memories and life will become one new experience after another.

At this moment I’m seated in the dining room of a unique Hostal in Coquimbo, Chile. The cruise is but a fond memory and each day we explore new ground and gain more knowledge about our first country of temporary residence in South America.

If I rise, and walk to the front porch of this grand old home, my eyes skip from one new sight after another. The bay below glitters in the sunlight, and bright yellow fishing boats motor out into ocean waters to take their catch and return home with enough for daily sustenance for their families.

We came here after leaving the Golden Princess with the thought that Tom could connect with one of those fishermen and perhaps go out fishing in the Pacific. Things change day to day, and thus far we have not found a permanent place to call home in the area.

Our intention is to stay in Chile for a month, two, or perhaps a little more. Tomorrow we’ll go to visit an apartment that sounds like it could be the place we dreamed of. It sits on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Tom would be able to fish below, or swim in the pool by the property. It’s in a small village halfway between Santiago and La Serena, and the price could be right. We’ll see…

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  1. Michele says:

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve often wondered what it will feel like to leave everything. I don’t know that we’ll be ready to do that for a few more years yet, but you’ve given me a good insight to the emotions we’ll experience. Who knows, maybe we’ll ask to come fishing with you and Tom one of these days :)

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